Live Remote VEX Worlds

For the first time ever, along with our partners at VEX Robotics, we’re excited to announce that qualified teams from around the globe will be part of an exciting event: Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship presented by Northrop Grumman Foundation, in May, 2021! 

  • VEX Robotics Competition: May 17-22, 2021
  • VEX IQ Challenge: May 24-29, 2021

This won’t be like any VEX Worlds ever experienced, but will go down in history as the first of its kind.

Event Options Comparison

There are two options for participating in the 2021 Live Remote VEX Worlds:

  • Live Remote Skills (LRS) Division
  • Live Remote Tournament (LRT) Morning Division - OR - Afternoon Division

Teams may only participate in one event option (LRT or LRS) and will need to decide which one of these two options is best for their team. Once a team has registered for one of the events, they may not switch to another event. The team can only be removed from the event and be added to the Waitlist for the other event.

About Live Remote VEX Worlds 2021 Event Options

Live Remote Tournaments (LRT)
Live Remote Skills (LRS)
Live Remote Tournaments (LRT)

Teams will compete in head-to-head matches with other teams in a newly-developed environment similar to an in-person event.

  • Teams must register for at least (2) LRT events by April 30, to ensure a positive team experience. Teams that do not meet this requirement by the deadline may be moved to the LRS event if there is the capacity or be placed on the LRS Waitlist.

Teams participate in matches during morning or afternoon sessions. Teams indicate their preference by registering for the LRT with the corresponding session name (ie: Morning Division OR Afternoon Division). 

Division Size: LRT divisions will include up to 48 teams that are randomly assigned.  International teams may be grouped into divisions to accommodate differences in time zones.

Judging: All teams will be eligible to submit their digital engineering notebooks. Judges conduct live remote interviews with the top teams based on their engineering notebooks to determine the Excellence, Design, and Innovate Award winners.

Equipment needed: Each team will need a computer, a webcam, an Internet connection, and a full field with game elements. Teams may not share any of these items if competing in the same LRT event. VRC teams will also need a USB extender. Carefully review the LRT Team Setup and Instruction documents for detailed equipment requirements.

Live Remote Skills (LRS)

Teams can highlight their Robot Skills and all teams are eligible for a live remote interview.

Division Size: Live Remote Skills (LRS) divisions will include up to 48 teams of a similar skill level.  

Judging: All teams are eligible for a live remote judging interview and eligible to submit their digital engineering design notebooks.

Equipment needed: Teams will need a mobile device or computer with a webcam, an Internet connection, and access to a full field with Game Kit. More than one team can use the same field to complete their Robot Skills matches.

Learn More About Live Remote Skills

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