Robotics Curriculum


With more and more schools adopting VEX Robotics as a platform to enrich and enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, there is a need for an integrated program which allows teachers to seamlessly add VEX into their classrooms. As such we have worked with various partners to create an array of VEX curriculum offerings, each tailored to the specific needs of teachers wishing to incorporate VEX into their classes. These offerings were developed by forward-thinking organizations with years of experience creating the tools to keep STEM education exciting and inspiring.


VEX EDR VEX Robotics Curriculum is designed to help students master the fundamentals of robotics and the engineering design process while learning to use design software and the leading classroom robotics solution, the VEX Classroom Lab Kit.

VEX IQ Curriculum is a companion to the VEX IQ platform for elementary and middle school students. The curriculum offers twelve flexible units of instruction that can be used in sequence, in chunks, or as standalone lessons. Whatever your elementary and middle school STEM education needs may be, the VEX IQ Curriculum is a learning tool that will excite and inspire your students.

Intelitek’s Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC) is a two-year robotics program for applied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Robotics Engineering Curriculum maps to National STEM Standards and custom-maps to any local standard. Real-time per-student basis is available using the LearnMate Learning Management System.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy curriculum is broken into six major sections: Safety, Project Management, Planning Your Project, Robotic Lessons, Programming Lessons, and Engineering Activities. The curriculum is designed to support teachers using the starter kit and also teachers interested in taking advantage of VEX’s advanced features like: advanced programming, controlling motors using PWMs and relays, pneumatics, homebrew sensors, etc.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) provides middle schools and high schools with rigorous and relevant STEM education. Through an engaging, hands-on curriculum, PLTW encourages the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creative and innovative reasoning, and a love of learning. PLTW features the VEX Robotics Design System in several of its project-based engineering courses.

For more educational resources see our document, “Professional Development Guide for VEX/STEM Educators.”


The VEX Classroom Competition offers several game options that teachers can blend into their lesson plans as their comfort level and expertise grows without worrying about adapting to a new “twist” each year. All of the VEX Classroom Competition games offer that same classroom-friendly features:

  • Exciting back-and-forth play at all skill levels
  • Variety of engineering problems
  • Fun and challenging for both beginners and experts
  • Easy to learn yet tough to master
  • Accessible without being limiting

Matches are played on an 8′ x 8′ square field with different game options depending on which Classroom Competition is chosen. Each game even includes a Teacher’s Handbook with everything you need to know to implement the VEX Classroom Competition Program, regardless of your experience level.