Volunteer FAQ

How do I find and volunteer for a local event in my area?

Find events near you on RobotEvents.com. This document, How to Volunteer at a Local Event, lists step-by-step instructions for finding an event that best fits your location and availability, and sign up to volunteer.


How do I prepare to volunteer once I’m signed up? Is there training available?

There are several opportunities to prepare in advance for your volunteer position including online documentation, training conference calls, training videos, on-site training, visual aids, and partnering with a more experienced volunteer on site. Some roles require more preparation than others. Once you are assigned a position, carefully review the Guide document for that role. Guide documents along with other resources and training materials can be found on the Volunteer Resources page.

What do I wear as a volunteer?

Wear team-neutral clothing that is appropriate for a school event and closed-toe shoes that will be comfortable for the duration of your volunteer assignment. Polo-style shirts or t-shirts with jeans or long pants are usually preferred.

Suggestion to student volunteers: If in doubt, stick to school dress code. It is always a good idea to confirm dress code with the Event Partner or Volunteer Coordinator. Some events, such as those of the Technology Student Association (TSA), may have more specific dress codes for volunteers. Many events may also provide a volunteer t-shirt or specific shirt or vest for certain volunteer positions.

Can I bring my kids with me when I volunteer at an event?

Yes! In fact, Field Resetter is an ideal position for younger children and students with high energy, so in many cases your kids can volunteer right by your side. If they have good listening skills, pay attention, follow directions, and are able to learn where game objects are placed on the competition field, they may be eligible to volunteer as a Field Resetter. Check with your Event Partner or Volunteer Coordinator if additional Field Resetters are needed for your event.

How do I volunteer for the VEX World Championship event in Dallas?

Visit our VEX Worlds Volunteers page to learn more about the opportunities available, and apply to volunteer for VEX Worlds through our online registration form.

What volunteer roles/positions are available?

A list of the most common volunteer positions is available in the Volunteer Roles Overview.

Note: Open available positions will vary based on where you want to volunteer. If you are volunteering at a local event, the Event Partner or Volunteer Coordinator will advise which positions are open and available. If you are volunteering for the VEX Robotics World Championship, visit our VEX Worlds Volunteers page to learn more.

Who can volunteer?

Adults and students age 8 and up can volunteer; however, younger children can also volunteer as Field Resetters, if they are good listeners, pay attention, and follow directions well.

What kind of experience do you need to volunteer?

Volunteer positions ranging from no experience to veteran volunteers are needed. For new volunteers, training materials are available to review before the event and there will also be on-site training.

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