Meet the Girl Powered Team Feature: Veronica Andrulat

October 15, 2020

If we could rewind to January 2016, and you told me I would work for a robotics company, I would tell you that you’re crazy! I didn’t really know what “robotics” was. I was studying Video Production at the University of New Haven in Connecticut at the time, and this amazing opportunity pieced itself together in front of my eyes (which is a blog post for another time). I learned that this opportunity would allow me to work with students, teachers, and adults to help inspire and educate our next generation through STEM, and I quickly jumped head first into this career. 

When I started working for the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation with the fellow roboticists in our program, I noticed that the room was very much filled with males (students, teachers, Event Partners, etc.). Being a female as a Regional Support Manager at the time, I realized my involvement in the REC Foundation was crucial to the overall picture of robotics.
I will never forget one of the first events I attended as an REC Foundation staff member. I was wearing a University of New Haven shirt, and a young female middle schooler came running up to me and asked,“Do you go to University of New Haven?” After I enthusiastically said “Yes!”, she replied, “Do they have an engineering program? I want to go to school for engineering!”
At that moment, I knew how important our robotics program was and how amazing the students in the program are. This middle schooler (and many other students I talked to during my career) already knew with power and confidence what they wanted to do in college at such a young age.
I could go on forever telling stories of what I have seen during my time as a Regional Support Manager and in my current role as Project Manager, but at the end of the day, even before working for the REC Foundation, I have been Girl Powered and I AM Girl Powered. I believe that women are powerful, women are smart, women can do anything, and anyone can do anything they put their mind to. If you have a dream, passion or goal, just put your mind to it and go do it!

I am Girl Powered because I want to empower others and myself to push limits and boundaries. I dream of being a leader and I hope others can see themselves that way too. I hope to inspire others (while inspiring myself) to continue to become a better person, professionally and personally. By being Girl Powered, I believe we can all do this!

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