VEX GO Brings Competition Excitement to the Classroom!

The VEX GO Competition (VGOC) consists of four different themed games that can be constructed with a VEX GO Competition Kit. The themes provide teachers a GREAT opportunity to do STEM and project-based learning. Students will have fun while exploring Mars and the Oceans and other activities like helping others with city building and disaster recovery. Students will learn about engineering, teamwork, and critical thinking while getting them started on a lifetime of STEM understanding.
Mars Math
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Village Engineering Construction
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Ocean Science Exploration
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City Technology Rebuild
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VEX GO Competition

VEX GO Competition is played on a 3’ x 6’ field. Teams compete in a Robot Skills Competition where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of Solo Driving Skills Matches, Cooperative Driving for two teams, and Coding Skills Matches, which will be autonomous with limited human interaction.


Bring the excitement of robotics competitions to your classroom and community with VEX GO. The GO Competition Kit contains everything you need to build one of four different themed games with your VEX GO Competition Kits. 

The themes provide teachers a GREAT opportunity to do STEM and project-based learning. Students will learn about engineering, teamwork, and critical thinking while getting them started in a lifetime of STEM understanding.

The GO Competition Kit is $299.

Robot not included. Teams will also need a VEX GO Education Kit or Bundle to compete.

Each kit contains a field made from easily configurable tiles and walls.  The game objects are built from the VEX plastic design system. Each kit comes with two carrying cases to make the game fields simple to transport, even while partially assembled.

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Classroom Challenge Activities | 2021-2022

New to VEX GO? Get Started with the Classroom Challenge

The VEX GO Classroom Challenge uses VEX Education’s outstanding curriculum and educator resources to help students develop scientific concepts, set personal goals, earn digital badges and certificates, and showcase their learning through participation in online challenges.

How it Works

Individual and Classroom Teams are presented with a variety of challenges with the goals of having unique designs, best run time, and a creative approach to problem solving.

  1. Students complete the VEX GO STEM Labs and Activities as assigned by their teacher.
  2. Teachers register their classroom teams at to “unlock” the season challenges. The challenges are an extension to those found in the STEM Labs and Activities allowing students to apply their learning with new and exciting challenges.
  3. Teams may enter one or more of the 4 Levels of challenges.
  4. Upon completion of each Level, teams receive “Star Ranking Points” which accumulate throughout the season and allow teams to set personal goals for earning Achievement Awards.
  5. VEX GO Challenge teams are invited to Showcase their accomplishments at local VEX IQ Challenge and VEX Robotics Competition events. The Showcase experience allows students to share their learning experiences and practice presentation skills

Educational Resources


VEX Robotics created STEM Labs as a supplemental educational resource. The purpose was to support educators with free, easy to follow STEM lesson plans that align with educational standards. Each STEM Lab contains hands-on lessons with guided explorations that encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Educator Certifications

VEX now offers free, online training that helps educators at all different ability levels. Experience fun and engaging lessons while supporting students as they become proficient with the VEX Robotics system. By the end of the VEX Certified Educator program, you will be fully prepared to implement VEX Robotics and become a leader in technology and innovation within your school and community.
Want to get started with VEX GO? Join a FREE Educator Workshop where you’ll be introduced to STEM Labs, coding with VEXcode VR, and the resources you’ll need to implement VEX GO in the classroom! A VEX GO Kit is not needed for the Educator Workshop.
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