Martian Survival Season 2

Thank you for a great 2021-2022 VRAD Season and congratulations to all our teams. See you next year!

Bring the excitement of virtual drones, programming, and gaming to your community with VRAD

VRAD, presented by the REC Foundation and Robotify, offers a global, multiplayer, virtual aerial drone competition that combines the excitement of Esports, computer science, programming skills, and virtual drones.

VRAD Martian Survival

Program your virtual drone to explore, mine, and carry minerals back to base while managing fuel supply. In Season 2, students can choose from 4 different drone types, but will have to balance weight, speed, battery capacity, and other design elements to perfect their winning strategy.

Teams will compete using real time programming and algorithms to control their virtual drones.The goal is to attain a higher score than their opposing team by mining more minerals before the time runs out.

  • 2 Teams per match
  • 1-3 students per team
  • 4 Drones per team
  • 10 Minute matches

The Platform

Teams play in virtual browser-based matches, simultaneously programing and operating virtual drones within the Roboduel multiplayer platform, hosted by Robotify. Students can choose to program in Python or Blockly (coming in December 2021).

The Competition Season

Late October - January 10, 2022
Preseason matches: Discover, Test and Practice
January 17 - March 11, 2022
Competition Matches: Teams compete and are ranked based on performance. (Registration for competitions will open in December)
Qualifying teams will be invited to the VRAD World Championship
March 21 - April 1, 2022
VRAD World Championship

Register Today

Your registration includes, team registration for VRAD season, access to web based gaming software and registration to all competitions.

  1. Create a free account by clicking on the register link at
  2. From the My Account dashboard, click Register a Team to create one or more VRAD teams. Note that the Primary Team Contact is considered the “coach”.
  3. Pay the registration fee of $150 USD per team.

Dual RAD Registration Discount Available this Season!

The REC Foundation Aerial Drones (RAD) Program offers students a variety of opportunities to learn about aerial drone operations through in-person and virtual competition-based experiences. Thanks to our sponsors, teams can receive a bundle discount of $50 if they register for RADC and VRAD at the same time!

Note: Discounts cannot be applied after teams already paid the registration fee.

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