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New season coming soon!
New season coming soon! Register Now for the 2021-2022 VRAD Season, so you're prepped and ready to compete as soon as the new game information is available. Check out last season's exciting challenge below, and stay tuned for more details!

The REC Foundation in partnership with Robotify has created the world’s first global multiplayer virtual aerial drone competition. Robotify’s Roboduel platform allows registered VRAD teams the ability to compete anywhere in the world with any device. VRAD combines the excitement of Esports and the educational value of computer science with a competition focused on real-world programming skills and gaming strategy.

Dual RAD Registration Discount Available this Season!

The REC Foundation Aerial Drones (RAD) Program offers students a variety of opportunities to learn about aerial drone operations through in-person and virtual competition-based experiences. Thanks to our sponsors, teams can receive a bundle discount of $50 if they register for RADC and VRAD at the same time!

Note: Discounts cannot be applied after teams already paid the registration fee.

VRAD Martian Survival

In this NASA-themed challenge, participants will program drones to operate on Mars and race to collect resources for their space base.
Real-time programming (Python) in a martian environment creates an “ingenious” powerplay between exploration and innovation for any programming experience level.

The Platform

Teams play in virtual browser-based matches, simultaneously programming and operating their space drones within the Roboduel multiplayer platform, hosted by Robotify.

The Mission

Explore, retrieve, and manage fuel supply by adapting strategy and drone sensors/algorithms to survive the harsh Martian environment, engaging in programming and the design process just like a NASA astronaut.

Roboduel Discord Server

After registering a team, you will be given the opportunity to join the community discord where you can speak with other coaches. Students will be able to engage with other vetted students during live events. Only students on teams with coaches participating in the forum will be permitted to join the discord discussion groups.

Click here to register a team.

VRAD Season

Preseason matches - 1v1 with one student competing from each team.

Competition season matches - 1v1 with 1-3 students working collaboratively per team.

  • October 1 - VRAD Registration open
  • October 23  - Preseason matches open 
  • January 4 - Competition season begin 
  • Early April - Qualifying Teams will be invited to the VRAD Championship 
  • Late April - VRAD Championship (additional registration required

How to Register

  1. Create a free account by clicking on the register link at
  2. From the My Account dashboard, click Register a Team to create one or more VRAD teams. Note that the Primary Team Contact is considered the “coach”.
  3. Pay the registration fee of $150 USD per team. 
VRAD team coach

Getting Started

  • Access login credentials for sent via email. Preseason team login credentials will be emailed prior to the opening of matches.
  • Login to and add up to 3 students per team.
  • Share unique credentials or code with each student team member, allowing them access to the competition. Codes for registering for the league will be issued the week of preseason opening. 
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