The 2022 Bell AVR season is here...

The Emergency Firefighting Challenge!

Not your typical robotics competition!

Students use hands-on, industry-standard tools to design, build, and compete against teams from around the US with the most advanced aerial robotics technology available today. Participation in the Bell Vertical Robotics Competition prepares students for tomorrow’s STEM workforce needs on the ground and in the sky.

Gain STEM Workforce Skills

Over the course of a single season, students will have:

  • Built, programmed, and flown the most advanced drone available in competition robotics
  • Designed, 3D printed, and implemented their own robotic components 
  • Soldered and wired on-board electronic components 
  • Learned how industry aerospace experts code for aerial kinematics 
  • Overcome the challenges of “in the field” systems integration
  • Utilized project management skills to balance development cycles of ground and aerial robots
  • Delivered technical presentations to compete for judged awards

All-Inclusive Pricing

$4,000 per team includes:

  • Complete custom-made aerial and ground robotics kit. No additional costs for individual parts, batteries, etc.
  • Access to technical resources and support. No prior drone experience needed.
  • Registration for one competition event and the championship event (if qualified).
  • New for 2022 - Teams will have the option to register for a second competition event for a $500 event fee.

A Word From our Students

Watch the videos below to hear about our teams’ experience.

Keller Fusion

Team 1006B


Team 1480A

Patriot Drone

Team 1027A (JROTC)

2021 Season Highlights

Bell VRC Event 1 was held in Austin, TX, November 6, 2021.
Bell VRC Event 2 was held in Arlington, TX, November 12, 2021.
Bell VRC Event 3 was held in Arlington, TX, November 13, 2021.
Bell VRC Championship was held in Ft. Worth, TX, December 4, 2021.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

We proudly recognize the following organizations for their partnership and appreciate their continued support of our global mission to provide educators with hands-on, student-led competition programs and educational resources to prepare future innovators for a diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.
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