Team Resources

The following resources are designed to give participants in VEX programs the tools they need to succeed. 

Team Grants

Visit our Team Grants page for information about program resources provided by our generous sponsors.

Girl Powered

The Girl Powered initiative seeks to increase the representation of girls on robotics teams.

Competition History

Look back at past VEX IQ Challenge and VEX Robotics Competition games on our Competition History page.
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Team Fundraising

We collected a selection of resources to help support teams all season long.
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Mobile App Library

Download our mobile applications to help support teams, Event Partners, and volunteers. All of our mobile apps run on Android and iOS devices.

Robotics Curriculum

As more schools adopt VEX Robotics to enhance their STEM learning environment, tailored curriculum offerings are available to enable educators to easily incorporate the program into their classrooms. 


The REC Foundation has well over $8 million available in scholarship aid and we encourage students to visit our page today to learn more about these great opportunities.

Industry Certifications

The REC Foundation provides two industry certifications for schools, students in engineering related programs, and robotics clubs. These certifications were designed by a team of accomplished professionals composed of engineers, college professors, and high school teachers.

International Robotics Honor Society

The International Robotics Honor Society recognizes students' achievements in academics, robotics, personal character, and community service.

STEM Hall of Fame

Visit the STEM Hall of Fame to learn about the Inspiration All Stars that help students achieve goals that may have seemed out of reach or provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and solve problems in the worlds of STEM.
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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association offers students an opportunity to begin networking, explore internships, and access career advice upon graduation. 
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The REC Foundation Downloads page contains useful materials for Event Partners, volunteers, and teams. Items are sorted alphabetically. Enter words contained in a resource’s title or description in the search box to find the items you are looking for.
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