REC Foundation Announces New Online STEM Challenges

Students can show off their work, win prizes, and even get a chance to compete at the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship through the REC Foundation Online Challenges. Going beyond the in-person robotics events, the Online Challenge program gives students a chance to participate in engineering competitions without traveling, in areas such as robot construction, sustainable engineering, robotics game animation, and video production. Students from all over the world have participated in past challenges, and we are proud to announce the challenges for this season.

The details for 2013 Robotics and Education Foundation (RECF) Online Challenges are now available. Mixing successful ideas from the past three years with new challenges and interesting twists, we expect that this year will generate even more student excitement than last. We are also pleased that all of our Online Challenge sponsors are with us again for 2013: Autodesk, EMC Corporation, the FUTURE Foundation, and VEX Robotics. The complete list of the 2013 challenges: