REC Foundation Aerial Drones Competition

The REC Foundation, in partnership with For the Win Robotics, offers a low-cost, in-person, aerial drone competition. Experience an educational drone sporting RAD Competition event to see the dedication, innovation, and excitement unfold among students who are reaching new heights and leveraging real-world skills to amplify their futures.  

RAD Competition Experience

During its pilot season, 350 teams participated in the RAD Competition. Learn more about the RAD Competition experience and what our community has to say here.

“With RAD, we are able to teach our students how drones are built, how they work, how they can be programmed, and students are then able to figure out how they’re able to use them for positive change. On top of that, of course, is the competition aspect. We try to involve as many students as we can, and RAD has given us yet another great way for this to happen. The students enjoy working together as a team in order to succeed. We look forward to our future involvement in RAD, as well as what it will evolve to become in the coming years. Thank you!”
Edwin Mendija
Lead Instructor
Molokai High School, HI

Field Assembly

Click here to view more RAD Competition videos.

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