Mentor Request Form


Mentors are able to provide additional support and expertise to teams as they develop their robotics program. Whether your team needs help programming or building a robot, you may wish to request a mentor to help out. When you request a mentor the REC Foundation will work with its corporate, industry, and community partners to pair a highly skilled mentor with your team. Mentors come from a range of backgrounds including mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. As the sensors and brains of robots become more complex we are expanding our support for teams by reaching out to mentors in AI, Computer Sciences, and Advanced Manufacturing.

This means that rural schools as well as urban will have access to mentor help. The REC Foundation is working with its corporate sponsors to use technology as a way for mentors to communicate virtually with teams hundreds or thousands of miles away. Mentors are able to provide this virtual support and work with team members from their office or home.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to your local Regional Support Manager for more information. In order to request a mentor please fill out the following request from and the REC Foundation will look for a mentor to work with your team.