Inspiration All Stars

Students participating in VEX Competitions encounter “Inspiration All-Stars” each and every day. Some are teachers and mentors who work with individual teams to make a robotics program work. Others are volunteers who help make events happen. They all are devoted individuals who put in many hours of hard work with persistence and passion. Whether these individuals help students achieve goals that may have seemed out of reach or provided opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and solve problems in the worlds of STEM, these all-stars show true leadership and dedication to the VEX Competition experience.
Lance Balcom
B.A. Sc. Mechanical; Career in system integration, aircraft accident investigation and various start-ups; Founder, Pacific Youth Robotics Society.
I think the world could be better if everyone learned collaborative engineering skills in grade school. It's not about robots, or even the engineering, physics, math, or programming. It's about working together as a team.
Pacific Youth Robotics Society
British Columbia, Canada
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