Factory Automation Competition (FAC) Program

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Skills for Today and the Future

The FAC program is a classroom-based competition that provides students with the skills needed for today's advanced technical workforce. This unique new robotics competition provides curriculum and educator resources while students develop technical and problem solving skills by designing and building a simulated manufacturing workcell with five axis robots.   

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How it Works

Classroom Teams are presented with various manufacturing challenges with the goal of having the best throughput, efficiency, and run time at different levels of competition.
  1. Students design, build, program, and implement the best simulated workcell for each challenge.
  2. Teams submit production run video that places them on the Global Advanced Manufacturing Competition Ranking list.
  3. Teams from across the world compete in their classroom to achieve the highest global rank among classmates and teams.

Workforce Development

The REC Foundation aims to improve Workforce Development Education and interest by:
  • Providing a clear path for students to prepare for advanced manufacturing careers.
  • Closing manufacturing skills gaps for many employers
  • Preparing the manufacturing workforce for continual career development.

Students Learn Industry Skills & More

Manufacturing Skills
STEM Principles

Concepts Covered

  • Coordinate systems
  • Throughput
  • Efficiency
  • End-effectors
  • Feeder systems
  • Redundancy
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