Edco Team Fundraising Tool

Simple, Effective Fundraising for Student Groups

Edco is an online fundraising platform that allows student groups to promote their needs and accept tax-deductible donations. Teams keep over 90% of the funds they raise without having to go door-to-door or handle cash. From managing donations to helping teams compile a list of supporters who will contribute now and in future fundraisers, Edco makes fundraising easy.

You can participate in this opportunity offered by Edco in five simple steps:

  • Create Your Edco Page – Easily set up a web page to tell your team’s story and accept tax-deductible donations.
  • Invite Your Team – Invite students, parents, and supporters to help with fundraising.
  • Donor Outreach – Share your Edco page using our customizable templates.
  • Track and Update – Track donation progress and post pictures and updates.
  • Request Funds – Withdraw funds as needed with no additional fees or minimum goals.

Getting started with Edco is FREE and takes less than five minutes to set up. Sign up here and take your fundraising to the 21st century. Your robot will be proud!

Edco Fundraising Tool

Fundraising Insights

  • Online giving is growing at five times the pace of off-line giving.
  • In an AFRDS survey, 67% of Americans reported that the reason they did not donate to a school or youth fundraiser was simply because they were not asked!
  • Successful teams on Edco raised $1,200 on average and had donor names for the following year.

Excited and ready to start fundraising? Visit http://hello.ed.co/rec/ and get started today!

Important Note for Teams Not Affiliated with Schools

If you are an independent program and not affiliated with any school, have your team leader email hello@ed.co with the subject “Unaffiliated VEX Team” to get started.


Contact us at hello@ed.co or call (646) 798-8183 for help.

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