Electronics Recycling Program


The REC Foundation Electronics Recycling Program offers your team an opportunity to raise funds that will benefit your robotics program and the environment. Collect end-of-life and obsolete electronics from friends, neighbors, companies or organizations in your community and your team can receive cash proceeds when the items are refurbished, resold or recycled. These used electronics will be recycled in an environmentally ‘green’ and responsible way. This will be a win-win for both your team and the environment. After reviewing the information below, if you are interested in participating in this E-cycling program, please contact John Birkholz at jbirkholz@aerc.com, the REC Foundation’s AERC Recycling Solutions Representative, who will provide you with additional details and request that you complete a brief interest form.

By working ‘smart’, teams can realize a funding stream that will help secure parts and equipment for ongoing recycling. By ‘smart’ we mean:

  • Design a recycling campaign that works for your team or program. You can create a onetime activity or long-term partnership.
  • Hold a neighborhood or community drive around a national event, such as: Earth Day, Week of Code, National Engineering Week, or National Robotics Week.
  • Contact local businesses to see if they are going to ‘refresh’ their technologies- smart phones, laptops, etc. Note: This option can lead to a substantial and constant funding stream.
  • Ask your parents and mentors to help generate a list of potential partners and invite them to help open doors! Collect items which have ‘value’ and not just random electronic items.

John Birkholz will provide you with a list of suggested electronics so you can maximize the proceeds when the items are sorted and recycled.

Have some talking points and be prepared. You can:

  • Mention that you would like to share an opportunity that would benefit the team members as well as the business partner.
  • State that you are on a VEX robotics team and that team members are engaged in a STEM-related hands-on project-based learning activity that will prepare you for the advanced workforce of the future.
  • Tell them you are raising money to purchase parts and materials in order to design, build and program a competitive robot with teams from around the world. In addition, you have logistical costs related to the program such as travel, registration and team tee shirts.
  • Let them know that you are working with AERC Recycling Solutions which is a national recycling company. This company has extensive experience and expertise and can provide documents and credentials proving they are a reliable and transparent partner.

Ready to take the next step and recycle? If you are interested in learning more about the REC Foundation Electronics Recycling Program, contact John Birkholz at jbirkholz@aerc.com. He will provide a list of electronic devices with the best current values as well as the collection and shipment logistics. If you want to move ahead, John will ask you to fill out an information form.