California Teams and Event Partners - September Update

September 4, 2019

Dear California Teams and Event Partners,

The competitive robotics season has begun here in California with several leagues and early season tournaments already taking place across the state. Be sure to check regularly as new events open every week. There are several events currently open with space for teams to play.

Here are the important updates for California:

CA State Championship Qualifying Awards

All local events will have their state qualifications assigned next month. State spots cannot be assigned until all local events are posted as we cannot assign state qualifying slots until we know how many events we allocate them among. Teams that have received qualifying awards at local events will be notified via the account listed in each team's account. Thank you for your patience with this important process.

Signature Events

The REC Foundation continues to expand the number of Signature Events for the 2019-2020 season. Signature Events are exceptional competitive experiences that draw VEX robotics teams from many different states and countries. The Signature Events also have the opportunity for teams to qualify directly to VEX Worlds. All Signature Events are found at, but take special note of these:

Referee Training Videos and Referee Certification

Referees are key to a successful competition experience. To continue enhancing the consistency and quality of referees at events we are offering online Referee Certification. These online courses are based on the Game Manuals and assist referees in developing mastery of competition rules. Referee Certification is optional (but encouraged) for local events, but will be mandatory for all referees at events that qualify directly to VEX Worlds, including the 2020 California State Championships. The Certification courses can be found here: 

VEX Robotics Competition
VEX IQ Challenge

The Referee training videos are also now available for both programs:

VEX IQ Challenge Referee Training Videos
VEX Robotics Competition

2020 California State Championships

We have begun planning for the 2020 California State Championships. We will host events in five state championship sites: San Diego, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Jose and Sacramento. As California is one state, teams that qualify at local events will still be able to play at any State Championship site (as space allows). More information will be provided in the upcoming California state newsletters.

CA Girl Powered Events

The REC Foundation and VEX Robotics are continuing to advance their goal of encouraging greater female participation in competitive robotics and STEM. To support this initiative, we are asking all EPs, teams, coaches, and mentors to encourage students in their respective communities to sign up and participate in Girl Powered Workshops this October in honor of the International Day of the Girl. Registration for these events can be found on under 'Workshops". Please note that we have reached maximum capacity on Girl Powered Workshops eligible for the free media kit, but all are still welcome to host their own events!

Online Consent Forms

Do you want to save paper and your time? Complete the online consent forms for your team's participants and upload them to your account. Details on how to do this are available at the following link (please note if you do not use the online consent form process you will have to provide a completed paper form for each student, at each event):

Steve Rummell 

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