California Teams and Event Partners - December Update

December 4, 2019

Dear California Teams and Event Partners,

On behalf of our California REC Foundation team, we want to wish everyone a safe, fun and restful holiday season. We know things will kick into high gear when we return in January, so please take some time to recharge and reflect.

Here is the update for California:

2020 California State Championships

The 2020 California State Championship events are starting to fill up across the state. Should you receive an invitation to a state event, please make sure to register in a timely manner. You may register at any state championship site that has space available in the respective platform you have qualified for; however, once you sign up for a particular site, you may not change and no refunds will be provided. Please make sure you review the entire event posting on prior to registering for an event. Also, please understand that the later in the season a team receives an invitation to the state championships, the less likely it is that they will be able to register at their preferred site.

Reminder - Swapping Teams

Please do not swap teams the week of an event. We know that sometimes teams with larger programs request to swap one team for another (usually to gain more state championship bids), but this request must not be honored the week of an event due to the technical errors that arise. When teams are swapped near an event or manually entered into Tournament Manager this can result in the event becoming unable to finalize in RobotEvents. If an Event Partner is willing to swap a team (e.g., 123A for 123B), this must be done at least one week prior to the event. Also, EPs have the discretion to not honor a request to swap teams at all. 

Inspiration All Star Awards - Nominate your Teacher, Mentor or Coach!

Teacher and Mentor of the Year Awards have been combined and are now the 'Inspiration All Star Award' at VEX Worlds. Please consider nominating a person who has made an impact on student-centered learning. The deadline is December 31.

Online Challenges

This is a reminder that the Online Challenges are open and will close on January 12, 2020. The Challenges are optional for teams, but are a fun and unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their creative dexterity in a variety of areas.

Reminder - Code of Conduct

We strongly encourage all teams to review the REC Foundation Code of Conduct with all team members, including any associated adults. Ethical conduct is critical to the scholastic sport of competitive robotics and we expect all participants to honor and abide by this Code as they participate in competition, this includes following the Game Manual and Rule T1. 

Finally, we kindly ask that all communication to the REC Foundation come from the adult mentors and coaches of record in RobotEvents, and not students or their parents. While we want to encourage student leadership and open dialogue, any inquiries or concerns about issues to Foundation staff should be sent from the adult mentor/coach of record for a team. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Best Wishes,
Steve Rummell 

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