California Teams and Event Partners - August Update

August 1, 2019

CA Teams and Event Partners,

Welcome back! As the new season begins please take the time to review the important updates for 2019-2020 contained in this message. Also, if you have not yet registered your teams for the season, we encourage you to do so soon. With the increase in new teams, we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to register for local events and compete. 

Competition Updates for 2019-2020

The Game Manuals for VEX IQ and VEX VRC were updated on 8/16 and can be found at the following links:

Please take note of these important changes:

  • VEX IQ and VRC: Age requirements for students (see definition of Student) no longer based on grade level
  • VEX IQ and VRC: G6 as it relates to team composition during a season
  • VEX IQ: G4 and G5: changes to robot starting position and expansion limit
  • Skills: events running Skills must offer exactly three (3) Driver and three (3) Programming Skills Challenge attempts.
  • Updated Code of Conduct
  • Student-centered Policy

Judging Updates

The updates to judging at events include: 

  • Universal Judge Guide for VRC and VEX IQ
  • Universal Design Award Rubric for VRC and IQ (found on pages 24-25 of the Judge Guide): the point range is now 0-5, teams receive a point bonus for using ink, and the bonus for a bound Engineering Notebook is now 5 points.

We encourage all teams and Event Partners to review the information provided in the links above, and especially to review the Qualifying Criteria for each platform, which can be found under the 'Team Resources' link.

Girl Powered Workshops

The REC Foundation and VEX Robotics are continuing to advance their goal of encouraging greater female participation in competitive robotics and STEM. To support this initiative, we are asking all EPs, teams, coaches, and mentors to host Girl Powered Workshops this October in honor of International Day of the Girl! More information is available at Hurry - 8/31 deadline to receive a media kit!

Robotics Program Coordinator Position with NorCal Girl Scouts

If you are located in the Bay Area and have experience with VEX EDR then consider applying for this position with GSNorCal VEX Robotics Program located at Google in Mountain View. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with VEX EDR experience.

Referee Certification

Referees are key to a successful competition experience. Referee training videos will be released next month, but to continue enhancing the consistency and quality of referees at events, we are offering online Referee Certification. These online courses are based on the Game Manuals and assist referees in developing mastery of competition rules. Referee Certification is optional (but encouraged) for local events, but will be mandatory for all referees at events that qualify directly for VEX Worlds, including the 2020 California State Championships. The Certification courses can be found here: 

Event Payments/Swaps

We ask that teams registering for events pay in a timely manner. We had a number of instances last season, where programs with many teams register for numerous events, pick the 'Pay Later' option and then attempt to swap teams the week of an event. This is unfair to teams that are looking for a place to compete and it creates unnecessary work for Event Partners. No teams should be swapping within a week of an event, and EPs are asked to waitlist teams that have not made payment two weeks prior to an event. 


The REC Foundation is partnering with a drones program and looking for experienced Event Partners who might be interested in piloting a drones competition in the future. If you have such interest, please contact me directly.

We hope you have a successful start to the school year!

Steve Rummell 

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