Girl Powered Grants

September 19, 2017

Girl Powered gives girls the additional tools and resources needed for them to succeed in robotics and STEM. Our grants provide teachers and mentors the resources they need to start a VEX team that appeals just as much to girls who are interested in STEM as it does to boys. We support both co-ed and all-girl teams and we encourage teams to choose the format that works best for them. With your help we are creating an environment where everyone can experience the thrill of competitive robotics and prepare for their future careers in STEM.

If you’re wondering if a Girl Powered team grant is the right fit for you and your group of students then you’ve come to the right place! Girl Powered team grants provide an opportunity to start a new team or add an additional team to your current VEX Competition program. These grants are offered for the VEX IQ Challenge, which supports elementary and middle school students, and for the VEX Robotics Competition, which supports middle and high school students.

The Girl Powered grants are offered to teams with at least 50% female participation. In addition, grant recipients must register as an official team with the REC Foundation on, attend an official competition this season, and remain in the program for at least two additional seasons. Finally, grant recipients will take the Girl Powered pledge. More information about the pledge can be found here.

Existing programs applying for a grant will be required to register all of their teams from the previous season before they can receive a Girl Powered grant.

The Girl Powered grants will be available until November 1, 2017. To apply visit:

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