VEX U Teams


All of this season’s VEX U events can be found at You can find the World Skills Challenge Scores at, as well. Click on the “ROBOT” or “PROGRAMMING” buttons under “World Skills Rankings.” Remember that VEX U Skills Matches have a modified match duration. See VEX U Current Game for details.

When necessary, VEX U teams are encouraged to compete in matches against another VEX U team or participate in skills challenges at regular VRC events to post scores to the VEX U Worlds Skills Rankings. This will greatly improve a team’s chances to qualify to compete at VEX Worlds. VEX U teams are now required to qualify to attend VEX Worlds.


Starting a team is a simple process. Using the materials and resources we have available and drawing upon the skills of your Regional Support Manager the goal is attainable with minimal time and effort. There are many great support resources available for new teams:

A unique feature of the VEX U program is the ability to form one team from two distinct colleges or universities. In other words, two schools may choose to partner to form a defined team for the season. This allows each location to reduce the start-up cost (half of the equipment required) as well as to bring collaboration into the process. Teams can use the Internet and other virtual tools to manage the design process so that they still optimize the design of the two robots to work together efficiently in matches. To help facilitate the matching of one college or university to another there is an online search function as well as a forum for this. Check out VEX U new team development if interested. Write a post letting others know that you are seeking a partner team.

There are many good reasons for a college or university to start a VEX U team. For greater insight you can view this VEX U power point presentation delivered at the 2013 Event Partner Summit.


The VEX Forums are great team resources. Here you will be able to share experiences and ask questions to get the assistance you need to develop a great VEX Robotics program. The forum is divided into sections on robot design, programming, and team organization. You will find areas of interest to enhance your VEX Robotics Competition experience. The VEX Forum is also your key resource for VEX Robotics product support. Some other important information on VEX Robotics is available on the support page.